Aga Jarząb /

Born in 1977, lives an works in Wroclaw, Poland.
„I do a lot of things: animated films a in traditional techniques (preffered), drawings, art objects and design. I cooperate with many cultural institutions as a graphic designer and animator. I work with students of Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw as an proffesor assistant in the Media Art Department.”

Maciek Bączyk /

Born in 1977, lives and works in Wroclaw, Poland.
A graduate of Cultural Studies at the University of Wrocław, Bączyk works with sound and image in practice and in theory (now as a PhD student in Academy of Art & Design in Wroclaw); he has performed and recorded with bands such as AGD, Robotobibok, Małe Instrumenty and Kristen. His main instruments are: NAGRA tape recorder and Synthi AKS synthesizer.